Emotional changes and realizations

I have a feeling of, what is happening right now and questioning life choices. What does this mean for me? I have no idea. There is a sensation of everything that I have been doing in life was for everyone else, what was expected of me, what did everyone need from me. I know thatContinue reading “Emotional changes and realizations”

What does it mean for me to be Pisces and the emotional roller coaster it is?

Whew…… this is a topic that people either are deeply into or they think you are nuts for believing or feeling that a Zodiac sign could control how you are as a person. The thing to keep in mind is that this is individualistic, just like all people are different in their own ways. WithContinue reading “What does it mean for me to be Pisces and the emotional roller coaster it is?”

Finding the ability to be ones true self

I think this is something that most people think they are doing but when they look deep inside they are not really doing what makes them happy or they are hiding parts of themselves. This is a concept that I have struggled with my whole life and I am sure that most people do thisContinue reading “Finding the ability to be ones true self”

Let’s back that ass up a bit…

So lets back it up and give you some background on me….. (disclaimer: this may be a long one!) Long long ago this girl was born into a very Yankee family…bahahahaa!! That is not how this is going to go, where I sound like I am telling you this pretty fairy tail of my lifeContinue reading “Let’s back that ass up a bit…”